Fee-Only Investments & Financial Planning

Our Certified Financial Planners build investment portfolios
that serve your life goals

About Us : Who We Serve

We work with everyday people; some dealing with impending college expenses, some people in their 50s wanting to make sure they will be set for retirement, and some folks just beginning to take withdrawals from their nest eggs. Our clients prefer working with a smaller company in a more informal setting. Our size allows us greater flexibility to incorporate unique client situations and requirements.

Clients come to us:

  • when a life changing event occurs which makes them want to organize their finances, such as a desire to change careers, loss of a loved one, sudden wealth due to inheritance or company buy-out.
  • because they don't have the time or desire to manage their money and plan for their future on their own.
  • even when they enjoy working with their finances but appreciate professional guidance and validation.